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2017 - Number 35


Fighting Breaks Out in Watling

Bolt Action:
Operation Sea Lion Kickoff Game

Our Bolt Action - Operation Sea Lion kickoff saw the German forces just barely eke out a lodging in southeastern England, securing both a port and nearby airfield. For our second game, we had them continue their consolidation, looking to secure a key village and supply route for their drive on London.

The scenario started with a German vanguard, and two follow up columns, spread out between the coastal road, the village of Watling, and a nearby hamlet that was their furthest point of advance so far. British forces were rushing to halt a possible breakthrough, and would start to trickle in from the northwest and west, while various local units would be able to pop up in ambush to (hopefully) slow the German advance a bit.

The German Vanguard Spreads Out, Under Attack

Local Defense Volunteers Take Out a Panzer

The Germans had the right idea from the start, opting for an all out advance before the British resistence could solidify. Some long built in caution, however, saw them fail to utilize their full advance abilities along the main road, creating a more traditional, cautious advance into unknown territory.

German caution allowed the British defenders more time to bring up forces, and they slowly began to establish blocking forces to prevent German forces from exiting off their intended roads. At the same time, we got to utilize a bunch of the interesting new irregular forces that Warlord has released, with the Local Defense Volunteers (LDV) acquiting themselves particularly well in the crowded bottlenecks along the German supply line.

An Armadillo Fires on the Advancing Germans

Scattered British Reserves Begin to Arrive

The powerful German forces managed to inflict heavy casualties on the British defenders, but their brief window of opportunity for breakthrough slipped away, leaving them with a more secure lodgement, but needing additional forces brought up in order to resume their advance on the British capital. A solid British victory, despite a strong tactical performance by the German commanders.

A Bofors Gun is Pushed Into Position to Contest the Advance

Local Volunteers Gather

As German Forces Bring Down Fire on Them

British Troops Roll Up a Smith Gun

More Germans Move Up

Continued Fighting in Watling Claims More Vehicles

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