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2017 - Number 34


Egyptian Armor Takes Heavy Fire in the Pass

Mitla Pass - Bonus Photos

As promised, some additional photos from our Mitla Pass, 1967 Mega Game for July.

Ouragons Strike the Retreating Egyptians

Israeli Recon Troops Push Toward the Parker Memorial

The Battle at the West End of the Pass

Despite Casualties, the Egyptians Keep Coming

A T-34 Company Tries to Push Up from the Pass Floor

The Parker Memorial, Still Contested

Breakthrough at the West End

More Egyptians Rush for the West Exit

The Israelis Keep Up the Pressure

Air Defense, the First to Be Targeted

Israeli Forces Choke off the Center of the Pass

Egyptian Push on the Memorial Fails

Leaving it in Israeli Hands

Panic - the Final Mobile Forces Rush to Escape

One Infantry Unit Escapes to Safety

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