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2017 - Number 33


Massed Egyptian Armor Starts the Advance

Mega Game:
Mitla Pass, 1967

Our mega game for July returned us to the Arab-Israeli Wars, focused on the 1967 Battle of Mitla Pass. The situation was quite interesting, with Egyptian forces pushing hard to break out through the pass to get back to Egypt proper, after the battle for the Sinai had been lost.

The scenario focused on controlling the pass itself, and also allowed the Egyptian forces to gain victory points for getting intact units off the western edge of the table (representing breaking free of the pass).

View from the West Edge of the Pass

View From the East

As is usual in an Israeli-Egyptian clash, the quantity of Egyptian forces present as the battle began seemed overwhelming, but the quantitative superiority of the Israeli forces quickly shone through. The relentless Egyptian advance met a hail of Israeli fire, and soon burning Egyptian vehicles littered the pass from end to end.

The Egyptian forces were undeterred and continued their push, though, soon closing with the Israelis and inflicting heavy damage of their own. In several sectors, including the critical western exit from the pass, they managed to secure battlefield superiority, albeit at a terrible cost. But their gains were uneven, at the eastern end of the pass near the Parker Memorial the Egyptian forces were annihilated, allowing increased Israeli pressure into the pass itself.

Israeli Forces Strike Back

Elite Sho't Tanks Block the Western Pass Exit

At the end of a very hard fought game, the Egyptians managed to exit a unit off to the west, but the Israelis secured 2 critical objectives in the pass on the final turn, leaving a hard fought draw. A great game and spectacle, I will post some additional shots of the action next time.

Super Shermans and Magachs Advance

Israeli Sho't Tanks Near the Center of the Pass

Magachs and Mech Infantry Move to Cut the Pass

Causing Significant Problems for the Egyptians

Massed T-55s Start Clearing the West End of the Pass

The Trailing Egyptians Push on the Parker Memorial

The Battle Hangs in the Balance

Resolute Egyptians Continue to Advance

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