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2017 - Number 30


Aaron and Bart Going Over the Rules

Gates of Antares:
July GOA Day

Bart recently came down for a day of sci fi fun, and hosted a Gates of Antares game in the afternoon. We had set up a generic Sci Fi table for the day, and he elected to run an assault on a fortified landing site at one end of the table.

The game saw a force of Freeborn defendinglanding site on a Ghar held planet. The Ghar, concerned about the intrusion, swarmed to attack the landing site and evict the interlopers.

The Ghar Pushing the Assault

Freeborn Fliers Inflict Heavy Losses on the Approaching Ghar

Although the Ghar forces featured a lot of heavily armored battlesuits, the Freeborn forces were able to make very good tactical use of the fortifications they have placed around their landing site.

The Ghar struggled to get to grips with the foe, eventually getting in range to assault the Freeborn trench line, but having taken serious casualties on the way in.

High Point of the Ghar Assault

Dave's New Support Drone Had a Good First Outing

In the end the Freeborn forces managed to hold, and the Ghar scuttled back into the nearby jungle to regroup. They will no doubt be back!

The Drone's Firepower Stops the Assault on the Left

While Aaron's Flier Continues to Hunt Ghar on the Right

The Table Before the Action Starts

View From the Opposite End

Freeborn Fortifications, Up Close

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