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2017 - Number 3


Players Start to Arrive

Gates of Antares:
Open Demo

This month Bart ran a really nice group demo of the Gates of Antares, from Warlord Games. He had a mix of a few players who had played a bit, and several players trying the system for the first time.

He utilized a Ghar Empire versus Concord theme, and provided forces for those who lacked them. It wound up being a pretty large game, with multiple large forces of both Ghar and Concord facing off across a 4 foot by 12 foot arid world table.

Initial Ghar Deployment Starts

Ghar Advance Toward the Concord

We wound up with a nice cross-section of forces for both sides. To give the players a sense of the depth of the game, Bart included a wide variety of units in each force. This allowed them to try out different weapons and tactics and see how they interact in the GOA system.

The action was pretty much continuous from the start. We tried out the new Ghar Bombardment Crawler (verdict= way cool), and got a nice mix of maneuver, shooting and hand to hand combat in. The Ghar managed to be the first side to secure one of the rogue drones (objectives), securing a marginal and hard-fought victory.

Fartok Leads the Ghar Center

Concord Deploy from Their Transport

The demo turned out to be a big success, with each of the new players picking up the game and a starter force. Altogether a great day of sci fi action, and great fun!

Ghar Firepower in Action

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