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2017 - Number 28


The German Forces Seize the Aerodrome

Bolt Action:
Operation Sea Lion Kickoff Game

Warlord Games has recently released a Sea Lion supplement for Bolt Action, covering the hypothetical invasion of Britain in 1940. This provides a very different sort of game and forces to the typical early war action, and Warlord will be running a global campaign (that we will be joining) this summer. To kick off our series of games, we held a kickoff game for our June mega-game.

The scenario saw a small port village, and a nearby landing strip. German forces had just landed in the village, while a Fallschirmjager force had seized the landing field, with an additional force coming in by glider between the two. They face a scattering of British forces, from militia to territorials and a few BEF regulars, who started with only a few units on table but got reinforcements each turn. The German goal was to link up the airborne and seaborne forces, within 6 game turns.

Talking Strategy Before the Game

View of the Port from the Channel

The Germans also received reinforcements each turn, but more predictably. The way I handled reinforcements was to put two blue order dice in the master bag, which when drawn triggered a British reinforcement. This made their arrivals quite variable. In addition, if they wanted an armored vehicle they had to roll a 5+ for a light, or a 6 for a heavy armored vehicle to arrive. The German forces, on the other hand, recieved a reinforcement for each player when their last order die for the turn was drawn.

The game itself worked quite well. The Germans made good progress initially, using their overwhelming numbers, while the British forces trickled on, fighting a series of stubborn delaying actions. The German forces in the port gradually overwhelmed the outnumbered British defenders, but were significantly delayed in breaking out. Meanwhile, the Fallschirmjagers from the Aerodrome gradually overwhelmed the British positions around the Manor, finally opening a route toward the port.

The Manor Prior to the Start of the Action

The Table Looking South

The British blocking positoin in the center was now the key. As the German glider troops pushed forward, a sharp action was fought. At the same time, the forces in the port finally broke out and approached the British from their rear. In a desperate final assault, they managed to clear the road on the very last turn, for a clear German victory. The Germans are now securely ashore, future actions will be fought to see if they can consolidate, or if the British forces can throw them back.

Fallschirmjager Push Out from the Aerodrome

A BEF Squad Fortifies a Farm Outside the Port

As German Forces Bring Down Fire on Them

A Few British Hold Up the Germans in the Port

More Germans Move Up

Leaving Their Gliders Behind

The FJs Push on the Manor

Mark Watches the Action

The Pressure Builds in the Port

Territorial Reserves Arrive

Ed Encourages His Troops

British Forces Establish a Blocking Position

German Kradschutzen Push Into the Port

British Forces Use Harassing Fire on the Glider Infantry

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