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2017 - Number 26


The Group Setting Up, new player Todd is Watching

June Team Yankee Gaming - Fog of War Mission

This month we tried something different for our Team Yankee games - we used the new Fog of War Mission and cards that Battlefront released for Flames of War. The mission actually works really well for Team Yankee as well, with each side drawing cards and selecting randomized objectives as the game progresses. Some great games resulted, although the Warsaw Pact forces, despite their reputation for rigidity, came out victorious in an amazing all of the games we played.

Garry Checks the Terrain for His British

Dave's British Fend off Mike's East Germans

More East Germans Deploying

British Forces Eye the Approaching East Germans

Soviet Armor Pushes Against West German Defences

Quite a Bit of Carnage on one British / East German Table

East German Recon Brews Up

West Germans Advance to Cover A Key Objective

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