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2017 - Number 23


Outnumbered Defenders Fire on a Mass of Allied Infantry

Bolt Action WW1 Mega Game:
Vimy Ridge (Modified)

Our mega game for May saw a return to Bolt Action, using our WW1 variant. For the battle I went with Vimy Ridge, but opened up the Allied forces to allow players who had built French and Americans, as well as tanks, to play.

The game featured a unique situation, with the Allied assault hitting a sector manned by German reserve troops, combined with extensive artillery prep and bombardment, and mining operations as well.

Minenwerfer Team Tries to Pin Down the Canadians

A German Major Issues Orders to the Defenders

Our refight went pretty historically, with the Allied bombardment putting the German forces on the back foot from the start, and overall better Allied troop quality taking a toll on the German defenses.

The German forces fought back valiantly, however, and it looked like they might just be able to hold before two Allied mining operations managed to decimate two key positions along the ridge, followed by Allied armor and infantry gaining the ridge and clearing much of the German positions.

Concentrated Firepower Thinning the German Lines

The First Mining Crater Opens a Path up the Ridge

German reserves, including armor, fought back gamely but the Allies were too strong. The game ended with Allied forces having broken into much of the German defense line, and the situation requiring a German withdrawal from the key ridge. A great day of gaming for everyone!

Allied Forces Rush to Exploit the Mining Gap

British Tanks Provide Supporting Fire

British Tanks Breach the German Center

The Table Looking South

Good View of the Initial German Positions

German Infantry Occupy Their Positions

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