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2017 - Number 22


Bart's Soviets Face Dave and Gary's Bundeswehr

May Team Yankee Gaming

Bart recently hosted our May Team Yankee game day, and this time switched things up by moving to a bunch of 1x1 and 2x2 games on standard tables, using a new mission I'm calling Escalating Encounter. Bart's mission involves 150 pt forces with 50 points arriving each turn until the entire force is on. Two objectives are placed on your opponents table edge, winner is the first to take an objective on the opponent's table half. The mission seemed to work well, and we had a bunch of excellent games.

Mike's East Germans Face Dave's British

Cody Deploys His Russians

Matt's West Germans Deploying

West German Airpower in Action

Soviet Armor Under Bombardment

West German Recon Scouting

Heavy Attrition For the East Germans

Cody's Tanks Secure the Center

T-55s Battle Leopard IIs

Russian AA Holds a Key Town

The Battlefield After Action

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