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2017 - Number 2


The carved styrofoam hull gets its first coat of plaster

Custom Builds:
WW2 US Aircraft Carrier

Last Fall, Chris took on an unusual commission - the scratch-building of a 1/144 scale Yorktown class aircraft carrier from the Pacific War.

This beast, five and a half feet long, turns out to be the same scale as the aircraft used in Flames of War. So, now we're plotting a game where the Marines can assault a Japanese-held island whilst Corsairs fly off the deck of the carrier in support.

Many coats of plaster, and much sanding later, the hull is ready for detailing

The bow takes shape

Should be a visually striking game!

Here are some shots of the carrier's transition from lump of foam, and plaster to fully-operational status.

Hatches are carved in for the hangar deck

Plastic card forms the support for exterior decks and platforms

Altogether a great scratch building project, with a great result!

First details on the island

The port side of the island fitting out

A quad 40mm Bofors mount adorns the bow

More AA mounts start to appear along the edge of the flight deck

The newly painted giant emerges out of the workshop...

...complete with stenciled deck markings...

...and camouflage scheme

At anchor back in the club room, awaiting customer pick-up. A SBD Dauntless taking off fore, and an F4F Wildcat on the aft elevator lend some scale

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