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2017 - Number 19


Kai and His Son Doing Initial Deployment

SNS Group:
Brandywine, 1777

The SNS Group has been running a series of games each quarter, picking a period and rule set in advance to allow members to build up forces and study up on the rules.

The current theme has switched to 28mm American War of Independence, using the Black Powder rules and the excellent Rebellion! supplement from Warlord Games.

Sorting out the Rebel and Royalist Units

Washington's Line Deployed Along the Creek

This month's scenario was Brandywine, 1777, and hosted by Mike Cannon and Gary Rhay. They employed a number of clever special rules to reflect the historical British flank march, which outflanked Washington's positions along Brandywine Creek.

The game was well attended, and saw lots of action across the table. Some highlights included a brave last stand by some Continentals on the American right, an impressive firefight downstream and several blunder rolls at critical times.

View from Washington's Position

British Forces Feint in the East

A very pretty game and lots of fun, next month the group will tackle another AWI battle.

The British Lines Approach the Brandywine

British Light Dragoons Moving Up

British Advance on the American Center

British and Hessians Tangle with Continentals

The American Center Moves Up

Continentals Hold Up the British Flank March

Action Continues Downstream

Heavy Fighting All Along the Line of Contact

Losses Begin to Mount

Desperate Melees

The British Turn Washington's Flank

Lynn Directs His Flank March

Climactic Assault

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