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2017 - Number 17


The New Town on the River Leine

Team Yankee Mega Game:
North German Plain

Our mega game for April returned to Team Yankee, this time focusing on a large battle in what would have been the northern sector of the NATO - Warsaw Pact confrontation in 1985.

The game featured a new twist, with Soviet advanced and airborne troops having seized an urban area straddling the River Leine in north central West Germany. As Warsaw Pact forces pushed to breakthrough and relieve them on a large table downstairs, the advanced forces had to fight off a NATO counterattack on two tables (Old Town and New Town) straddling the Leine upstairs.

Deployment Starts on the Relief Table

The NATO Left - British Mech Infantry Prepare to Advance

Each of the forces was allowed to bring 150 points (we like to use lots of toys...), but the NATO forces had to hold at least 50 points off table in reserve. The Warsaw Pact command downstairs deployed a Polish force on the north end of their table, followed by two Russian forces in the center and then an East German force on their southern flank, very true to Russian doctrine.

Across from them, two BAOR forces held the north and south table areas for NATO, while the center was left to one West German and one American force. The NATO forces started on table, and were able to utilize spearhead moves where they had light forces, to push further forward and seize advanced terrain. The Warsaw Pact forces entered the table on turn one. The action was heavy from the start, including an East German heliborne blitz that unhinged the British positions in the south, a truly impressive T-72 charge in the center, and a large Polish mech infantry assault clearing the northern wooded hill objective, despite heavy British resistence.

British Scorpions Spearhead to Cover an Advanced Village

NATO Forces Push Forward on the Old Town Urban Table

In the center a brave group of M113s was able to push forward and seize several objectives, with the opposing T-72s being to occupied by the opposing M1s and Leopards. Although close, the Warsaw Pactforces were unable to break through, settling for a well contested draw on the relief table. This was rendered moot, though, as on the urban table the NATO forces managed to secure most of the Old Town area, ensuring the eventual fall of the bridgehead and tipping the scales to a marginal NATO win overall. A great day of gaming for everyone!

Josh Oversees the Action on the Urban Tables

West German Reserve Infantry Force, Ready to Enter the Fray

The Urban Tables in Action

T-72 Battalion Executes a Wave Attack in the Center

East Germans Execute "Recon by Fire"

US M113s Push to Contest Objectives

US Mech Infantry Dig In Around a Hamlet

A Swirling Melee in the Old Town

NATO Gains the Upper Hand on the Urban Tables

Polish Infantry Push Into the Northern Woods

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