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2017 - Number 16


Bart Oversees the Initial Deployments

Team Yankee:
April Open Day

Bart organized another cool Team Yankee open game for April, allowing everyone building their forces an opportunity to get some action in.

The game was organized as a meeting engagement, with the Warsaw Pact on the strategic offensive. NATO forces included a mix of BAOR, West German and American units, while the Warsaw Pact was heavily weighted with East Germans as several players have recently finished building their East German forces. Both sides were tasked with seizing control of an important north-south highway, which bisected the battlefield.

German Rocket Artillery Deploys Behind a Village

The NATO Left - West Germans Face Off with a Russian Force

The action opened with a strong East German spearhead move in the center, looking to spilt the NATO forces and take away their ability to move and support each other laterally.

The NATO forces were thrown on the defensive, but managed to get a strong British infantry force into a hamlet in the left center that had a similar effect on the Warsaw Pact forces.

The Game Gets Underway

East German Scouts Spearhead Into the Town

As the main armor forces clashed, casualties mounted on each side. When the dust settled, the Warsaw Pact forces had secured a marginal victory, establishing a solid position along the highway line, but the NATO forces had inflicted heavy casualties that would force them to halt and reorganize, before renewing their advance into Germany.

BMPs Scout Forward

British Scorpions Screen the NATO Advance

Massed East German Armor Secures a Key Overpass

Chieftains Duel with Advancing T-72s

British Infantry Seize a Strategic Hamlet

Soviet Artillery Pounds the NATO Left

Russian Armor Moves Up

Heavy Fighting All Along the Line of Contact

Losses Begin to Mount

Heavy Attrition in the British Sector

Gaskins Support the Soviet Advance

More Armor Pushes Forward

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