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2017 - Number 15


Union Forces Deploying

March Mega Game:
Wilson's Creek, 1861 (Black Powder ACW)

As the SNS Group finished up their first battle "series" for 2017, 28mm American Civil War using Black Powder, I thought it would be fun to run a mega game where they could use their collections one more time before packing them away. The Glory Hallelujah! supplement includes a nice scenario for Wilson's Creek - an early western action that made a nice contrast to some of the other acitons we have featured in our ACW mega games.

There are a lot of inexperienced troops on both sides, so both had entire brigades filled with regiments with only a stamina of two, which makes them appropriately brittle in the game. The battle was also interesting in another way, as both sides attempted flanking maneuvers - leading to a very fluid situation in history and also on the tabletop.

Setup Continues

The Union Commanders Sportingly Taunt the Deploying Confederates

Our refight featured a strong Union brigade arriving in the Confederate rear, tying up and eventually routing the Confederate reserve brigade. At the same time a small CSA cavalry brigade arrived on the Union right flank, managing to tie up an entire Union brigade for the entire game with hit and run tactics.

This left the main action to play out along Skegg's Branch, a small stream bisecting the battlefield as it flowed into Wilson's Creek to the east. The fighting was heavy, and the inexperienced regiments on both sides suffered severely. The CSA center, in particular, distinguished itself on its resilience (making an incredible number of morale saves).

The Union Left Reaches Skegg's Branch

The Players Maneuvering

With Union forces victoriously in their rear, the Confederates made one final push across Skegg's Branch. The Union right was battered, losing several inexperienced regiments, but managed to hold together, denying the Confederates an offsetting win and ensuring a marginal Union victory overall. This was pleasingly close to the historical outcome, a fitting end to the Black Powder ACW series.

CSA Cavalry Tying up the Union Right

Heavy Fighting all Along Skegg's Branch

The Union Flank March Assaults the CSA Reserve in the Background

The CSA Reserve Fights Hard, But are Routed

This Forces the CSA to Send Forces Back from Their Main Line

The Climax in the Center

The Union Right Finally Drives off the CSA Cavalry

The Final Push, Confederate Cross Skegg's Branch but the Union Hold

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