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2017 - Number 14


The Group Setting Up

SNS Group:
Black Powder ACW - Salem Church, 1863

The SNS Group finished up their first battle "series" for 2017, 28mm American Civil War using Black Powder. The final battle was Salem Church, using the scenario include in the Glory Hallelujah Supplement for Black Powder.

This month's battle was hosted by Lynn, and we set up the terrain as it featured in the supplement for the group to have at it.

Setup Continues

Confederates Push the Union Forces Back

Each of the group members brought forces, so they had plenty of forces and almost all of the members were able to command their own troops, which is always a nice touch.

The game followed a pretty historical path, with the Confederates pushing hard before the Union reserves arrived. Heavy fighting ensued on both flanks, and around Salem Church itself.

Pushing Past the Church in the North

The Players Maneuvering

The game wound up fairly even, with both sides losing brigades. The Confederates did manage to secure the church itself toward the end. A great game, and a fitting end to the first SNS series of 2017.

CSA Deploy to Assault the Church

Union Support Moves Up

CSA Forces Falter in the North

Heavy Fighting Near the Church

Union Leadership Surveys the Field

More Friendly Taunting

The Union Reserves Finally Arrive

Heroic Battery Holds up the CSA Advance

Confederates Mass in the South

And Finally Take the Church

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