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2017 - Number 13


Dave and Alan Ready for a Final Battle

Pike & Shotte Campaign:
Fall of the Palatinate

We recently wrapped up our first Pike & Shotte campaign here at the shop. Set in the Palatinate early in the Thirty Years War, it featured a wide range of nationalities and troops fighting to preserve (or destroy) the home domain of Frederick of the Palatinate, the then-leader of the Protestant cause.

The Situation at Start

The Situation at the Conclusion

Imperial and Spanish forces started the campaign in Bavaria and the Spanish Netherlands, and invaded the Palatinate from both the north and the south. Through 1620 and into 1621, progress was slow, with the Protestant forces fighting hard against them.

The Dutch Right is Overrun

Cavalry Action Near the Windmill

Slowly, though, the Catholic forces gained the upper hand toward the end of 1621. By the campaign's end in 1622 they held four of the five key cities of the Palatinate, including Frederick's seat in Heidelberg. This closely matched the historical outcome, with Frederick driven from his lands and unable to carry on the fight.

The campaign system link worked admirably, generating interesting battles each turn, and anyone interested was able to fight them out on the tabletop.

Another Cavalry Brigade Pursues Glory

The Wings Engage

A big thanks to Dave and Greg for taking up the leadership of the Catholic and Protestant sides, and to everyone who helped fight out the actions we generated each month. Great fun!

The Protestant Center Holds

Defiant Dutchmen

Combined Arms in Action

A Good Looking Deployment

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