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2017 - Number 12


The Approaches to the Tractor Factory

Flames of War Megagame -
Tractor Factory, 1942

Our latest megagame featured a return to the epic clash at Stalingrad, this time with a more narrow focus on the key action in the industrial area to the north of the city, centered around the famous Tractor Factory. The fighting in this area came very close to breaking the Soviets, but bled the German forces heavily, leading to a stalemate.

As a twist, several players wanted to try the new, upcoming version 4 rules, so I split the table and the action in the Tractor Factory itself was fought out using version 3, while the action in the nearby areas was fought out on a separate table, using the version four rules.

The v4 Table

The Soviets Have Their Backs to the Volga

Since mid-war Eastern Front for v4 is a ways away, I used the v4 conversions for early and late war as a guide, and made up stat cards for the mid war forces we would field. This worked really well, giving players a chance to try the new rules while retaining the feel of an gritty infantry focused clash in an urban environment. The added infantry moves, in particular, really worked well and allowed our forces to get to grip and even maneuver tactically within the time allocated.

The game itself saw German progress in several areas, including an advantageous position in the Tractor Factory itself, but not sufficient to offset Russian gains in other areas, and ended with a very slight edge to the Soviets. Lots of fun, and a great learning experience for all of us.

Plenty of Cover for the Attackers and Defenders

The Soviet Defenders Deploy

Factory Areas Were Hevily Defended

More Soviet Guards Move Up from the Landings

Open Areas Are Swept by Fire

The Assault on the Tractor Factory Heats Up

Soviet Reserves Reinforce the Line

Heavy Fighting All Along the v4 Table

Assault Guns Were Particularly Effective in the Close Environment

Soviets Use Elevated Positions Where They Can

StuGs Flank a Soviet Company

Greg Helps Explain the v4 Rules

Soviet Defenders are Pushed Back in the North

Grenadiers Assault a Guards Company

Firefights Across a Debris Lined Street

The Soviets Hurl the Germans Back in the Center

A Factory Building Holds

Darkness Descends, With Both Sides Exhausted

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