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2017 - Number 11


The NATO Rear, Already Under Heliborne Assault

Team Yankee -
Delaying Action

This month's modern armor action with Team Yankee featured yet another new approach, this time a NATO delaying action against a Warsaw Pact deep penetration attempt.

Our NATO forces have continued to evolve, with more and more British forces getting painted to join their US and West German colleagues in defending Europe.

Cobras and Hinds Duel

Soviet Forces Push Up the Table

The bulk of the Soviet hammer fell on a pair of British forces, while UUS and West German supports fended off airstrikes and airborne incursions further down the table.

The battle was quite impressive, and the Soviets managed to push quite far up the table before night fell, and both sides paused to regroup. Undoubtedly tomorrow the advance will continue.

NATO Defenders Fight Back

Chieftains Under Heavy Fire

More British Reserves Move Up

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