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2017 - Number 10


Dave Assembling and Painting the El Alamein Tank Sets

SNS Group:
Flames of War - Version 4 Launch!

The much anticipated launch of version four of Flames of War happened this past weekend with launch extravaganzas across the world, including tons of content posted on their site. Customers who had purchased previous versions of the rules were again provided with a free copy of the new rules courtesy of Battlefront on Saturday.

To celebrate the new version, we held a series of events over the weekend. On Friday a group got together to assemble and paint some of the new plastic models from the El Alamein starter set. On Saturday we ran two large, multi-player games set in the Mid-War desert theatre, and also a whole series of demo games upstairs for those wanting individual instruction on the new rules.

A Completed Panzer IV long

Mark Shows off his Copy of the New Rules

It turned out to be a very busy day at the shop, with a bunch of different games and demos going on. Some folks even returned after dinner to play again.

The big battle was a real hoot, with lots of mid war forces facing off. We walked through the new rules as we played, pointing out the significant areas of change and making sure everyone felt comfortable in how things work now.

The New BF Desert Palm Set, Mixed with Older Sets

The Table Laid out for our Large Game

When the fighting ended the Deutches Afrika Korps held a slight edge, earning a tactical victory for the day. The players were all excited about the new rules and the changes, and they seemed to play very smoothly and definitely gave a good game. I look forward to many more version 4 games going forward.

We Limited Terrain to Ease People Into the New Mechanics

A Wadi Ready for Occupation

The Players Get Stuck In

British Armor Moves Through An Oasis

German Forces Holding High Ground in the Center

A Large Motor Company Anchors the British Right

Crusaders Move Quickly to Engage the Panzers

Who Advance Cautiously

More Panzers Flood Toward the Village

Heavy Fighting Near the Escarpment

Dave Shows His Excitement

British Forces Push Up the Escarpment

Good View of the Table in Action

Enthusiasts Come in All Ages

Greg Explaining the New Rules

More New Tanks Joined the Battle Through the Day

The Players Deep in the Action

The Old Colonial Fort Falls to the DAK

But a Stuka Goes Down!

Overall Result, Minor Win for the DAK, Big Win for the Rules

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