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2017 - Number 1


Gothic Buildings and Ruins on a FAT Mat

Setting the Table:
Urban 40k Battlefield

Setting the Table is a regular series for us, showing examples of different tabletop gaming layout we or our players have put together here at the shop. This entry is focused on a 40k (Science Fiction) table put together by two of our regular players.

We provide a variety of pre-painted scenery pieces for players, and they arranged them on one of our Urban FAT Mats. The combination of the Gale Force Nine Gothic Ruin pieces and this FAT Mat works quite well.

Tank Traps Block Easy Routes of Access Across the Table

The Ruins Work Well with the Mat

In setting up a table for a pick up game of Warhammer 40k, or any Sci Fi miniatures game, it is important that the terrain provide interesting challenges to both players, while not becoming overwhelming and slowing the game to a stop.

Lanes of fire are particularly important, a table with long, uninterrupted lines of fire will advantage "shooty" armies over their foes, or lead to a rather boring long range gunnery duel between similar armies. A good mix of long and short fire lanes increases the tactical options open to the players.

High Cover is Appropriately Dispersed

Interspersing Craters Provides Mobility Challenges

I think Dave and Dave got it right with this table, a nice blend of terrain, lanes of fire and obstacles to rapid movement. A good table is the first step to a great gaming experience.

Lines of Fire Are Not Unlimited - South Table Half

Similar Line fo Fire - North Table Half

Dave Gets Ready to Set Up His Army

Good View of the Finished Table

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