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2012 - Number 57


American Squads Advance on their Right

Bolt Action:
Normandy Cityfight

We had an open Saturday right before Christmas this year, so I offered to run an open Bolt Action game. Interest was there, so I worked up a scenario based on the forces available.

I wanted to try another one of the standard missions in the Bolt Action rulebook, so I went with a Normandy-era urban board using the Point Defence mission. This mission is one of the more interesting ones, with the defender setting out 3 objectives on their side of the board, and the attacker needing to gain control of 2 of them to win.

The SS Reach the Objective

German Fire Hammers the Chateux

Dennis and Lynn brought their German forces, to which I added a store SS squad to bulk out Dennis' Fallshirmjagers. Mark volunteered to take the Allied side, and utilized a cross section of our store Americans. Since Lyn brought a cool Panzer IV tank, I let the Germans be the attackers.

Since this must be accomplished in six turns (with a 50% chance of a seventh), the attackers needed to advance quickly. The Allied forces started out mostly pinned by a preliminary bombardment. As the Germans brought squad after squad onto the table, the Allies struggled to activate and react to the Axis moves.

German PaK 40 Hammers Allied Positions

German Forces Advance

The Germans committed their armor on their right, and also advanced quickly in the center. On their left they strove only to pin down the opposing forces. The Allies responded by advancing on both flanks, while maintaining a base of fire in their center.

The heaviest fighting took place on the German right flank, as the Allies had deployed in an imposing intact building (the "Chateux Daymont"), protecting the objective on that flank. The action went back and forth, with the Germans commiting their tank to blast it, only to had it spectacularly destroyed by a bazooka team.

Bazooka Fire Can be Very Effective

Germans Assault Chateux Daymont

At the same time, the German advance in the center managed to take that objective, but the advancing forces were pinned down under heavy fire from the Allied positions across the square. On the German left, heavy fire back and forth pinned down both sides.

Unable to take the Chateux Daymont through fire alone, the Germans commited their squads to assault. Assault in Bolt Action is very bloody and decisive, with the defender usually being overwhelmed unless their defensive fire can take down a number of attackers. When buildings are involved, though, it is much more dicey as both sides strike simultaneously.

The Heavily Pinned SS Squad Still Holds the Center Objective

US Light Mortar Fires on the Enemy

Assault also shows the benefits of certain weapon choices, as any figure armed with an assault weapon (pistol, SMG, assault rifle, etc.) strikes twice in close combat. The chateux turned into a meat grinder, with the action going back and forth several times. Finally, on the final turn, the much depleted German forces held off a final Allied counter attack, and held the 2 objectives for the win. The game was incredibly well balanced, going back and forth, and the winner was not clear until the final assault was resolved. Great fun!

German Squads Advance to Contact

Moving up to Seize the Center Objective

Fallshirmjager fire at an American Squad

Americans Hold their Right Tenaciously

The Americans in their Fire Base

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