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2012 - Number 56


Typical Normandy Terrain

Skirmish Action:
Normandy Firefight

The SNS group likes to try out a wide variety of rules, which leads to some very interesting games. Recently Mark ran two games of a new set of skirmish rules called Normandy Firefight.

These are truly skirmish level rules, with each player controlling only a couple of figures, with a very tactical sequence and feel. For example, figures must choose whether to be prone, kneeling or standing each turn. They were originally designed with 1/35th scale plastic figures in mind, although they seemed to work OK with 20mm and 28mm figures as well.

The Germans Enter

The Allies Arrive (Yes, they're Russian)

The rules have some interesting mechanics, it low level skirmish actions appeal to you they are worth a look.

Pipecleaners Mark Status

Hugging Cover is Critical

Casualties Mount

The Action Gets Personal

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