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2012 - Number 54


Crusaders Advancing

Deus Vult:
First Play

Deus Vult, which is Latin for "God Wills It", was the phrase used in Pope Urban II's fateful declaration in 1095 that unleashed the first crusade. It is now also the title of a new Medieval Rules Set from Fireforge Games, makes of cool plastic Crusades figures.

Written by Alessio Cavatore, the rules are very period specific in their focus on the First and Third Crusades (the rules include army lists for those campaigns as well). The advanced copy our playtester received was a beautiful hardbound book with excellent graphics. Units are differentiated by a combination of special rules, which seems to reflect the period quite nicely.

Knights to the Fore!

Typical Foot Units

Basing is quite conventional, with a 20mm frontage for foot figures and 25mm for mounted. The game groups figures on bases, no single figure removal is needed as the base is the smallest denomination for impact in the rules.

Everyone seemed to really enjoy the initial play through - check out some additional photos of Kai's remarkable figure collection in action below.

Infantry Supports the Knights

Saracen Archers Unleash a Volley

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