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2012 - Number 53


Soviet Forces Begin Taking Casualties

Flames of War:
SNS Group Campaign Update

The SNS Group has been running a really cool Flames of War campaign, set on the Eastern Front. The time period is late 1943, after the failure of the Kursk offensive.

Based on the historical forces available, the players have been battling for possession of Kiev and other key cities in the Ukraine. The latest battle saw a large Soviet force, surrounded and under heavy German attack, attempt to break out of a pocket and regain Allied lines.


German Forces Advance

The actual game saw a mass breakout by the Soviets, hampered by heavy fire from the advancing German forces. Quite a tense and exciting game, with the Soviets barely making their escape, but with heavy losses.

Brumbars Crest a Hill

Soviet Starting Positions

Soviet Forces Leave Their Positions

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