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2012 - Number 51


The Table at Start

Modern Armor Action:
Breakout from Suez

As has become our tradition, Bart puts together a huge armor game each fall set during the Yom Kippur War of 1973. It provides a great opportunity for all of the modern armor afficienados at the shop to get their toys out and roll some serious dice.

The scenario this year focused on an Egyptian attempt to push ut from their Suez bridgeheads toward the Sinai passes. Facing a generally uphill advance through desert terrain toward the passes, the Egyptian commanders deployed masses of armor to attempt a breakthrough.

Arab Forces Deploy

Israeli Forces Dug In

Again this year Bart used a modified version of Flames of War for the game. We have found that these rules work quite well for modern battles, provided you add rules for AT missiles and other technology changes.

Given the excellent training and morale of the Israeli forces, combined with good defensive terrain, this was a tall task. To assist them, Bart allowed the Egyptian forces to "recycle" destroyed platoons for the first several turns.

Ready for the Advance

Strong Israeli Positions

This simple mechanic did a nice job of providing heft to the Arab forces, and built tension as Israeli losses were not replaced.

The game started feeling like a turkey shoot, as the advancing Egyptians took heavy losses. But they did manage to take some Israelis with them, so as follow up waves arrived the game gradually swung.

A View of the Massed Armor

Egyptian Armor Advances

Before too long the Israelis were looking a bit stretched, as masses of T-55s and T-62s continued to pour forward.

Although it was a close run thing right up to the end, eventually an Israeli company failed morale, opening a large hole that they did not have reserves to plug.

Yet More Egyptian Armor

Israeli Defenders Brace for the Worst

Although in several sectors the Israeli defnce held, with the breakthrough their positions were no longer tenable, leading to a very narrow Arab victory.

Thanks to Bart for yet another interesting and fun game, and to all of the players and their forces. I look forward to an even bigger game next year!


Closing on the Israeli Positions

Light Armor Scouts Ahead

The Purposeful Advance Continues

The Breakthrough Point

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