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2012 - Number 5


The Base Under Assault

Dust Tactics:
Antarctic Action

The Dust Tactics game has gotten pretty popular around the shop, it has been well supported by Fantasy Flight Games and features lots of cool models, combined with easy to pick up mechanics and interesting gameplay.

We wanted to pull together a large game to allow everyone to trot out their collections, so we decided to go with a base assault in Antarctica (in the game background the Germans discovered advanced alien technology in Antarctica and this has prolonged WW2).

Allied Walkers Enter the Base

Russian Forces Mass Near a Base Entrance

The table featured an Axis base built inside a large cave at one end, with a large expanse of open, snow covered terrain outside. The Axis were able to set up one force within the base, trying to hold up an Allied assault, while the remaining Axis forces arrived behind the Allies to try to relieve the base.

Jim bravely took the role of base defender, and deployed his forces to take advantage of cover and create fire zones around the entrances the Allies would need to force. The Allies split their forces, each player sending assault units into the base area while leaving a covering force to hold off the Axis relief forces.

Allied Covering Force Protects the Rear of the Assault

Axis Relieving Forces Advance

The initial Allied assaults were costly, as the German defenders concentrated their fire on the entering units. Meanwhile, the arriving relief forces immediately became engaged in a long range firefight with the Allied covering forces.

With little cover other than snowswept craters and large ice crystals, the long range walkers on both sides were very powerful. The Axis relief forces had brought a large number of infantry units, which struggled to cross the table toward the base under heavy fire.

The Covering Force Concentrates Their Fire

Allied Troops Take Cover in Some Ruins

The situation within the base began to deteriorate for the Axis, as the weight of numbers for the attackers gradually ground down the defenders. Despite heroic efforts from the relief forces, the Allies would not be distracted from their assault. The game ended with the Allies firmly in control of the base, and the relief forces closing in but not in a position to retake control.

It turned out to be a quite entertaining and tension filled game. The tactical situation was in flux throughout, as first one side and then the other seemed to be getting the upper hand. The Axis players hacve promised that next time they will bring a phalanx of walkers to contest the open areas, that should be quite interesting to see.

Craters Provide Cover on the Open Plain

Closeup of Base Defenders

Fire Zones within the Base

The Russian Assault Force

View from the Base Toward the Relief Force

Armor Casualties were Heavy on Both Sides

Advance to the Base!

Russian Walker Opens Fire

Allied Walkers Push Into the Base

Masses of Soviets Assaulting

Infantry of the Covering Force Hugging Cover

Relief Forces Take Heavy Casualties

Allied Heavy Walker - a Real Force

The End Arrives for the Valiant Base Defenders

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