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2012 - Number 49


The Finished Siege Towers

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Chris and Aaron have been beavering away on yet more terrain for next month's mega-game, based on the Battle of the Pelannor Fields. In addition to the large tower (see blog number 48), they have been expanding our Minas Tirith wall sections, and also adding some siege equipment for the forces of Mordor.

The new wall sections will allow us to reconfigure the table layout to improve game flow. The siege towers offered a different challenge. Based on our "scale" for the walls (the "Mumak Index"), they had reach the tops of the initial wall sections, while at the same time accomodating a War of the Ring sized infantry base.

Some of the New Wall Sections

Lining Up for Wall Assault

These needed to be built entirely from scratch, involving a fair big of engineering design and several trips to local craft and building supply stores. I was quite pleased with how they turned out.

Up next will be the final piece for the game, a replica of Grond, the giant battering ram used to break the city gates.

Look for action shots of all of this with troops after the game.

Side View of the Siege Towers

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