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2012 - Number 48


The Tower with Wall Section

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Mega Tower

Every December we devote our monthly mega-game to a Lord of the Rings action. Last year's battle, based on the action in the Pelannor Fields, was wildly popular, but the players wanted to make it even bigger for this year.

So I did a quick re-layout for the tables, and found we could cram on many more troops with some rearrangement. To do this well we needed to extend the walls of Minas Tirith, in a way that Gondor players could sortie out while still being able to reach their troops.

The New Tower in Scale with the Base

Very Intimidating from Table Level

Since we needed to build additional wall sections, we also took the opportunity to increase the impressiveness of Minas Tritith by showing one of the larger towers in the next "ring" of the city. Our "scale" for the walls was based on the "Mumak Index", they had to look tall enough even next to the huge and impressive GW Mumak model.

Constructed with a similar process to last year's towers, the new one tops off at nearly 3 feet above the table. Chris added a cool elevator for bringing up ammunition, etc.

The Top with the Elevator

The Elevator at full Extension

Overall we are very happy with the way the tower turned out. Our biggest problem now is storage between games!

Look for some additional updates on the construction prior to this year's huge game in December.

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