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2012 - Number 43


Russians and Austrians Advancing

General de Brigade

Although we've been quite taken with using the Black Powder rules for Napoleonics (any many other periods), there are several regulars who really enjoy the General de Brigade rules as well.

Recently, they set up an interesting clash between French and Austrian forces using all of our front room tables (total size of 12 feet by 6 feet). As all of the figures were assembled on the day, it was clear that they needed all of that space to deploy their nicely painted forces.

French Cavalry Supported by Horse Batteries

The Cavalry Gets Right Into Action

The final setup was most impressive, and the masses of figures looked great in action. Enjoy the photos!

The French Center Advances

Swirling Cavalry Melee

Massed Reserves Move Up

The Austrian Right Advancing

Austrian Skirmishers in Action

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