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2012 - Number 40


English Forlorn Hope Advances on the Windmills

Pike & Shotte:
Thirty Years War Action

One of the more popular historical eras at the shop is Renaissance, and we always enjoy a Thirty Years War action. We have been learning the new Warlord Games Pike & Shotte rules, so another big game seemed a good idea for this month.

We had a really good turnout on the day, with large forces being available to both sides. The sceario involved an attack by the Catholic forces, but with both forces newly arriving on the field of battle.

The Croats Seize the Bridge

Dutch Cuirassiers Skirmish with the Croats

The table was laid out as a typical Saxon valley, with the action concentrated between a river on one flank and a canal on the other. There were four key objectives on the table, a village along the river that controlled the crossing point for a small stream, a village on the canal on the opposite end of the table, and a manor house and a hill with two windmills, both toward the center of the board.

The Imperialists deployed in a fairly linear manner, with a group of English mercenaries in their center, and stronger forces on each flank. The Protestants countered with a Dutch force holding their left, with a large Swedish contingent in the center and another large German contingent on their right.

The Royal Swordsmen Lead the Imperial Advance

Imperial Cavalry Move up in Support

The Imperialists opened the game quite aggressively, with some good command rolls a unit of Croats was able to seize the bridge and village by the stream on their first turn, cramping the Dutch deployment area. They were slower in the center, with the English establishing a pattern of slow, methodical advances up the hill toward the windmills.

The Protestants were most active early on their right, where the German forces managed to seize both the canal village and the manor house quickly. They fielded several units of Dragoons, who proved ideal for seizing and holding terrain in this way.

Small Units of Dutch Light Horse and Dragoons

Lyn's Scottish Battalia Advances

The action soon became general, up and down the line. Try as they would, the Dutch were unable to dislodge the Imperialists from the stream village, against the Croats who were soon reinforced by a unit of musketeers. On the Protestant right the similar situation played out in reverse, with large cavalry clashes, but the Imperialists unable to dislodge the forces holding either the manor or the village.

That left the critical hill in the center. The Swedes and English fought back and forth, but in the end neither side was able to secure the objective. After seven turns we called the game, a narrow Protestant victory which could easily have gone either way. Great fun, and everyone is looking forward to our next Pike & Shotte adventure.

The Dutch Footguard Faces Off Enemy Cuirassiers

Imperial Foot Forces the Stream

While Action Heats Up at the Windmills

Massed Cavalry Clashes on the Imperial Left

Imperials Try to Re-take the Manor House

The Dutch Light Troops are Pushed Back

And the Stream is Secured

The Dutch Guard Looks on Stoically

Heavy Action Near the Windmills

The English Mercenaries are Pushed Back

While the Dutch Contain the Imperial Right

More and More Cavalry Joins the Fray

And the English Mercenaries Counterattack

The Manor House is Threatened But Not Retaken

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