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2012 - Number 38


Soviet Cossacks Try to Contest Their Left Objective

Flames of War:
Firestorm Bagration Update

The NUTS group got together recently, as part of their ongoing Firestorm Bagration campaign, to play another large Eastern Front battle.

The Soviets, between bart and Gary, fielded a fairly tank-heavy force. The Germans, Tom and Craig, were more mixed - a Sperrverband force and a panzer company.

Pumas Arrive Behind the Soviets!

Sperrverband Positions

The Soviets, looking to take advantage of the greater mobility of their forces, tried to concentrate against Tom's panzers. Waves of Soviet tanks pushed forward at the German left flank.

The panzers dueled effectively with the advancing Soviets, while the Sperrverband actually advanced against the now less well-defended Soviet left flank, defended by some infantry and a heavy mortar unit. The Sperrverband advance, as they are not known for their attacking prowess, achieved tactical surprise.

Soviet Armor Takes Heavy Fire

Hetzers Support Their Infantry

The game now hinged on which assault would succeed first. The panzers on the German left, although heavily outnumbered, put up a stiff defense. The Sperrverband (all reluctant veteran in FOW terms), were actually quite effective in the assault. It was a close run thing, but the Germans managed to seize the Soviet objective first. Overall a very enjoyable game, quite tight and close with lots of cool Eastern Front units on the table.

Von Saucken Directs the Sperrverband Assault

Masses of Soviet Armor Push Forward

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