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2012 - Number 35


The Whole Table Lengthwise

New Terrain:
World War One Trench Modules

September’s mega-game is the biggest 25mm WW1 game we’ve attempted so far. Previous big games we’ve done using Warhammer Historical’s “The Great War” rules have been set in the Middle East theatre.

This time we’ve moved things to the more familiar (to most people) Western Front for a sample of the great German “Peace Offensive” from the Spring of 1918 – the Kaiserschlact. Much of the terrain for this project already existed but there were a few specialized pieces that the scenario demanded and Chris got to work on them a few months early as soon as Craig had the design for the game completed.

View of the Trench Lines and Inter Connections

The Canal Behind British Lines

The scenario depicts the Germans assaulting and infiltrating the British lines and trying to seize a crossing at a canal plus an assortment of supply dumps in the rear. For the British second line we needed a new trench module featuring a redoubt atop a low hill. Most of the 2’ x 2’ modules can be produced at a rate of (roughly) six modules a week.

The trench pieces are a great deal more complicated because of the lining and detailing of the trenches. The woodwork and the sandbags all have to fabricated and then painted and, as a result, a whopping one module a week gets done. Fortunately, this was the only new trench module we needed and the rest of the new terrain was relatively easy.

British Supply Dump

The Pontoon Bridge Deployed

In front of the British lines is a ruined hamlet. This was provided by Warlord Games kit that can be put together in a huge variety of configurations. The barbed wire was provided by Pegasus Games kits one box providing nearly thirty feet of wire.

Finally, there was the pontoon bridge. This one had to be scratch-built and was assembled out of a variety of balsa, twine, and jewelry pieces (an underrated source of fixtures). Once it was all complete Chris laid out everything according to the map just to make sure everything fitted together okay and these pictures were the result.

Closeup of the Pontoon Bridge

The Hilltop Redoubdt

Various store regulars have been busy painting troops for the game and the next set of shots of the battlefield will feature all manner of Stosstruppen, Tommys, and early tanks battling among the craters and trenches.

Stay tuned for that update, or better yet come join us on the fourth Saturday of September (the 22nd).

The Trench Lines Ascending the Hill

The Trenches Are All Interior Detailed

The Warlord Ruined Hamlet

Closeup on One Ruined Hamlet Building

Barbed Wire & Trenches

The Trench Connections

2 Foot by 2 Foot Squares Line Up Nicely

The British Front Line

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