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2012 - Number 32


Close Up View

Games Workshop Terrain:
Fortress of Redemption

With the release of the latest version of the Warhammer 40k rules, Games Workshop opened up the ability for players to include fortifications in their standard missions for the game. This has created a upsurge of interest in GW's range of fortification pieces.

One of these kits, available by special order through the shop, is the Fortress of Redemption. It is a large and impressive plastic kit, which is very detailed and goes together quite smoothly.

The Top of the Main Tower

Up Close View of the Missile Bastion

Since there are so many more opportunities now to utilize this cool fortification, Chris painted one up for our shop terrain collection. As you can see from the photos, the details show up very nicely with painting.

The fortress easily dissassembles to aid storage, and includes loads of nice details, including options for weapons and scanner additions, plus a molded in missile silo and a very impressive orbital cannon. All in all a very nice kit and recommended for sci fi gamers.

The Detail on the Main Tower

The Whole Piece From the Back

The Whole Piece From the Front

The Twin Orbital Cannon

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