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2012 - Number 31


Canadian Armor Moving Up

Flames of War:
Tanks Aces Mini-Tournament

One of the cool things included in the recent Blood, Guts and Glory book for Flames of War was a mini-campaign focused on armored forces, titled Tank Aces. It is a really nice system for building / trying a new force, as you start with a small force and build up to larger forces over the campaign.

The other neat thing is your tank ace - you basically get one warrior team as your tank ace, who earns experience from battle to battle, which can translate into new skills you can choose to help your force. It also features some interesting rules for scenarios, including using "Tactical Edge" objectives which allow the force controlling them a small but important advantage.

Shermans Seize the Field

Tank Destroyers Inflict Heavy Damage to the Panzers

To give everyone a chance to try this out, for our July mega-game, we decided to do a "Tank Aces Campaign in a Day". The theme was Late War Western Front, so players could choose forces from the approved British, Commonwealth, US and German tank company lists available.

The first game matched off 500 point forces, graduating to 700 and then 900 point forces. The first two games, to better simulate individual tank combat, treat each tank as a unit (an "independant team" in FOW terms), which we thought worked out really nicely on the table.

Ambushed Panthers

American Armor Enjoying the new Toys

On the day we wound up with 8 players, 4 German versus 2 US, 1 British and 1 Canadian. Several German players bravely tried the new Panzer Brigade lists from Blood, Guts & Glory - Reluctant Trained armor. These lists actually worked reasonably well at low points levels, but suffered once we reached 900 points and had to play in units (ask my "Ace" who failed motivation and fled the field on the first turn in 2 straight games...).

As to the actual games, they were quick and bloody as you would expect from tank on tank action. The Allies went into the overall lead quickly in the first round, establishing a pattern that would hold throughout the day. The German players fought back gamely, but just could not put together enough wins to swing the tide back.

"Easy 8" Shermans Advance

US Armor Using Cover

We ended the day with a large meeting engagement, where each player got to use their 900 point force plus their tank ace (all tooled up with skills). All in all a very fun day, lots of quick games gave us a real feel for the system and our forces. We'll definitely do Tank Aces again.

Seizing the Tactical Edge

Allied Armor Forms a Gun Line

Panzer Brigade Armor in Action

Hetzers Burn in a French Field

SS Panzers Moving Up

Cromwell in a French Village

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