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2012 - Number 30


Concentrated Assault on the Objective

Flames of War:
Romania Switches Sides!

As those of you who follow the blog know, I'm rather fond of my Romanian forces for Flames of War. With the release of the new Red Bear compilation book for Late War Eastern Front, I had several choices for expanding my Romanian forces for that period

I opted to start with a light tank company, built around Romania's remaining R.35 tanks. Although quite obsolete, everything was needed when Romania elected to change sides in mid-1944, and the remaining R.35 tanks had been upgunned by replacing their old armament with captured Russian 45mm tank guns, which gives them more punch (AT 7), but honestly not that great for all the heavy tanks around by that point in the war.

TACAM T.60 Tank Destroyer

Bart's Kitties Hold the Center

I also added a couple other cool units, including a corps-level battery of Skoda 150mm guns and a platoon of locally built tank destroyers, built by combining captured Soviet T-60 tank chassis with captured 76mm AT guns.

After I got them all painted up, Bart graciously agreed to stop by the shop so I could try them out against his latest Panzergrenadier list. We set up a simple mission and had at it. In a mission with alternating deployment the Romanian force had a big advantage, as the low points cost for their units meant I had many more units than Bart did. I was able to use this to overweight my right flank after Bart had finished deploying.

The Panzergrenadiers Advance

Romanian Engineers Dig in in

The game was fast and decisive, helped along by Bart's normally hot dice going stone cold for virtually the entire game. My masses of light tanks on the right swarmed forward, overwhelming Bart's dug in panzergreandiers and annihilating their supporting Nebelwerfer battery. His attempt to crush the other flank came close, but my dug in pioneers and AA unit were able to hold him off, while the fire from my 150mm battery in the center punished his StuGs as they tried to support the advance.

Although I couldn't really threaten his Tiger platoon in the center, by turn 5 I had solid contol of the objective on Bart's left and we called the game. It was a very fun game, we agreed the hordes of slow light tanks worked better than we initially thought. The Late War Romanians do seem to offer some very interesting, and different, gamiing options in Flames of War.

The Final Assault

Romanian 150mm Skoda Battery in Action

Romanian Tank Destroyers

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