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2012 - Number 3


The Eldar Arrive

Sci Fi Bash:
Urban Conflict

As we noted in December, the NUTS group has been experimenting with a version of Warhammer 40k using a modified version of the Flames of War rules mechanics. This month, they decided to try a large multi-player scenario as a further playtest.

The scenario pitted a loose coalition of Alien forces (2 Eldar players and an Ork player) assaulting an Adeptus Mechanicus force which was caught while excavating a piece of important archeotechnology. The Mechanicus force, if they lasted long enough, could be rescued by a force of Space Marines.

The Whole Eldar Line

The Ork Advance

The game started with the Mechnicus forces surrounded in the center of the table, facing 3 large alien forces. Both the Eldar and the Orks moved quickly to overwhelm their positions, while from another table edge the Space Marines started moving on to aid them.

It was quickly clear that the outnumbered Mechanicus troops were well dug in, but lacked heavy weapons capable of hurting the myriad Alien armor deployed against them. Nevertheless, when the Ork robot force of Killa Kans tried a close assault we all learned that the Machine Guard could at least hold their own in close combat.

Ork Swarm Tactics

The Eldar Utilize Cover for their Advance

Meanwhile, a massive wave of Eldar approached from the opposite direction. Led by an impressive amount of armor which proved pretty much impervious to the ranged fire from the Mechanicus compound, they moved up steadily, keeping up a steady and damaging fire on the defenders.

Fortunately for the beleagered Mechanicus troops, the arrival of the Space Marines immediately drew away the focus of most of the Orks and roughly half of the Eldar. Even more fortuitous, their archeotech prize turned out to be a beacon which had summoned a Necron force, which happened to make planetfall right between the Eldar and Space Marines, causing havoc for both forces and providing a further distraction.

The Killa Kans Blast the Mechanicus Defences

The Artifact with Defenders

We were able to give the rules mechanics a thorough try out. The Orks quickly demonstrated the deadly nature of their close combat prowess, blowing up a group of dreadnoughts and a Land Raider before being overwhelmed by the firepower and discipline of the Space Marine forces.

As the carnage continued, the game boiled down to a race by the Mechanicus to drag their prozed artifact over to a waiting Space Marine transport, before the Aliens completely overran the board.

It came down to the last turn, and by the narrowest of margins the artifact reached a transport, which then survived a massive burst of Eldar fire before limping off the table to claim victory. A great adventure and massively entertaining!

Mechanicus Walkers Before Being Knocked Out

The CHarge of the Killa Kans

Eldar Blast Away at the Compound

The Space Marines Arrive

Eldar Firepower in Action

Look What the Artifact Summoned

The Orks Turn Toward the Arriving Marines

The Necrons Distract Fire from the Compound

The Artifact Reaches Safety

Wraithguard Disembark

Chaotic Melee Over the Artifact

Necrons and Eldar Mix it Up

The Mechanicus Fire Tower

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