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2012 - Number 29


An AOP Oversees the Allied Advance

Flames of War:
Breakout Normandy

The SNS group arranged a really cool large game for their monthly game day this month. Based on the breakout from Normandy, it featured a cross section of the German defenses with V1 launchers serving as objectives (scratch built by Gary Rhay).

The scenario called for a large British Armored force to enter from one table edge, needing to push over several river barriers, while a flanking force arrived at a random location behind German lines.

The Terrain Looks Daunting from the Allied End

V1 Launcher Objective Protected by a Bunker

The German defenders were quite outnumbered, but had the advantage of some very defensible terrain. They also had access to a variety of defensive obstacles to aid in fortifying their positions.

The battle started well for the Allies, with masses of troops entering the table, and their flanking force showing up early and in the deep rear of the German forces, amongst a startled artillery battery.

The Germans Deployed a Large Number of Defensive Obstacles

German Armor Moves Up

With the flanking force tying up the German reserves, the Allied advance pushed steadily forward. Lots of action was seen along the first River line, as German armor emerged from cover to engage the advancing Allied armor.

Although the German forces inflicted many casualties, in the end Alliled numbers told and they were able to force the river line. Meawhile the flanking force were holding their own, inflicted a lot of damage to the German rear area troops.

All in all a very visually appealing and fun game. Everyone is looking forward to the next big late war game.

15cm Infantry Guns in Action

Armored Duel Underway

Masses of Allied Armor Advance

Typhoons Hit German Positions Repeatedly

British Infantry Approach a River Line

The Allies Liberate a French Village

The Reason for the Assault

Bunkers Open Fire in Defense

German Units Use Hedgerows for Cover

Recon Leads the Allied Advance

Allied Combined Arms Assault

Tank Duel Along the First River Line

Airpower Continues to pound the German Defenses

Allied Support Units Advancing

Massed British Artillery Makes its Mark

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