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2012 - Number 28


Grenadiers Await the Soviet Assault

Flames of War:
Firestorm: Bagration Action

The NUTS group continued their ongoing Firestorm Bagration campaign this past weekend, with a number of interesting games being generated.

They have reached turn five of a six turn campaign, so the action has reached new heights. Soviet forces reached the outskirts of Minsk in the prior campaign turn, so this turn sees a total of five battles, as the Soviets try to consolidate their gains and the stretched German forces attempt to counterattack.

Daunting Urban Terrain

German HQ in Bobruisk

The group fought out the first three actions for the turn, and the results were very close. A narrow Soviet win in a bloody urban assault finally gave the Soviets control of Bobruisk, bringing their southern penetration fully into supply. The action was very tense in this battle, with a heavily outnumbered and out of supply Grenadierkompanie facing off with a well supported Assault Engineer Battalion.

The other two actions saw heavy armored battles in both Osipovichi and Lepel, both victory point yielding areas along the critical paths to Minsk. The results were mixed, with the Soviets winning a narrow victory in one area, while the Germans managed to push them back in the other.

Soviet Assault Arrives

Defenses of Festerplatz Bobruisk

The two remaining actions for the turn should be fought out shortly, which will set the stage for a climatic final turn as the Soviets launch their final assaults on Minsk and the other German-held cities of Belarus.

This campaign has been a big success for the NUTS group, everyone has had time to paint up some special Eastern Front units, and got lots of practise gaming in the very different dynamic that characterizes this theater. We're looking forward to a wild finish to the action!

Critical Assault in Lepel

German Counterattack Underway

Soviets Scatter from the Panzers

Panzers Arrive in Bobruisk

Soviet Engineers Swarm Through Bobruisk

Veteran Tank Hunters in Action against Razvedki

Sperrverrband Adopt Mobile Defence

Heavy Tank Losses in Osipovichi

And Also in Lepel

Soviet Infantry Caught in the Open

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