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2012 - Number 26


French Positions Covering the Key Bridge

28mm Napoleonics:
General de Brigade Action

Several shop regulars really enjoy 28mm Napoleonics, and have been doing a series of games to get comfortable with the General de Brigade rules.

Most recently, they arranged an interesting scenario involving an Austrian force attempting to force a river crossing.

The French Right, Screened by Austrian Horse

The Austrians Approach the French Left

Screened by Grenzers in skirmish formation, the Austrian force pushed aggressively forward. The French left, covered primarily by cavalry, took heavy fire from the Austrian guns, which deployed centrally on a hill to support the crossing.

The action was hard fought and back and forth, but by focusing on one flank the Austrians were able to secure a crossing before the other French wing was able to intervene. Overall a very visually appealing game, great fun to observe.

Austrian Artillery Deployed in the Center

Austrian Infantry Forms Square

The Grenz Screen Reaches the Banks

Austrian Reserves Arrive

The French Center Deploys

Austrian Cavalry Forces the French Into Square

Austrian Reserves Move Up

Massed Austrian Infantry Reaches the River

The French Center

The Grenzers are Across

The French Left Under Heavy Pressure

The River is Forced

The Austrian Infantry Crosses

The View from the French Battery

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