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2012 - Number 24


Massed Cossacks Approach German Sperrverband

Firestorm Bagration Action

The NUTS group has been having a lot of fun with a Firestorm Bagration campaign, using the opportunity to build their Eastern Front collections and get a wide range of games in.

This past weekend they they met to finish up the last 3 battles of campaign turn 3, a turn which saw the maximum number of 12 tabletop actions being generated. When the dust settled the Soviets took 2 of the 3 games, although each one was hard fought and could have gone either way.

Hetzers Prepare an Ambush

Soviet Armor Pushes Forward

From a campaign perspective the Soviets have established a deep penetration in the central sector, leading to the outskirts of Minsk, the most important campaign objective. The Germans, though, have managed to defend stoutly on the flanks, leaving the narrow penetration vulnerable for a counter blow.

Will the Soviets be able to secure Minsk? Will the Germans be able to cut off the Soviet penetration? Everything hangs in the balance now, as the next campaign moves could easily be decisive.

German Fortifications in Marshy Terrain

The Cossacks Charge In

Heavy Soviet Losses

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