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2012 - Number 23


The Finished Model

New GW Terrain:

Games Workshop has been turning out a steady stream of new, highly detailed plastic terrain kits.

We thought we'd build up one of the latest set for the shop terrain pool. Titled Garden of Morr, it is part of their Warhammer terrain line. The set comes with a statue of Morr, plus 3 separate mausoleums, plus a base and fencing / gates to surround it.

Interior Pieces can be Lifted Out

Close Up of the Details

The overall feel is very Warhammer, gothic and dark, with liberal use of skulls. The set is quite versatile, it can be assembled together, or the individual components work well separately.

The overall effect is great - it is quite easy to assemble and paint, and gives a sinister feel to a battlefield when in use. The high level of detail makes it a great and versatile addition to your scenery collection.

The View from Above

Side View of the Whole Set

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