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2012 - Number 22


Australian Carriers Tear into the Italian Column

Flames of War Mega-Game:
Beda Fomm, 1940

Our latest Flames of War Mega Game was an Early War desert clash, the battle of Beda Fomm between the British and Italians in 1940. The scenario used two separate large tables to recreate the action at the head of the Italian column near Beda Fomm, and also action at the rear of the column as pursuing Australian forces harassed the Italian rearguard.

The scenario saddled the Italians with a large number of trucks to protect, representing their fleeing forces and their equipment desperately trying to escape from Cyrenaica. They needed to protect their vulnerable column, while attempting to break through the British blocking force standing between them and escape.

The Italian Rearguard Strikes Back

Australians with Captured Tanks Advance

The action on the rearguard table was quick and decisive, as the Australians attempted a daring gambit by moving their entire pursuit force at the double to try to disrupt the Italian defenders and capture as many of the vulnerable supply trucks as possible.

They succeeded in significantly disrupting the column, but a flurry of excellent shooting from the Italian rearguard gutted the Australian vanguard, enabling the rest of the lumbering column to retire in peace. First blood to the Italians.

Italian Vanguard Approaches the Roadblock

Italian Forces Deploy on "The Pimple"

On the Vanguard table there was yet more drama, as the Vanguard of Bersaglieri attempted to clear the British road block, while two waves of supporting armor pushed forward in support. They were countered by two large forces of cruiser tanks which attacked the length of the column from the east.

The Bersaglieri of the vanguard proved to be quite tough and determined, and the seemigly solid British blocking force was quickly whittled down by a combination of assaults and shooting. This caused the British to divert their flanking force to support the blocking force.

RHA Anti-Tank gets Engaged

Bersaglieri Mortars Support the Advance

As the flanking force hit they hit the column hard, saving the blocking force from annihiliation and savaging the column. However, this left the second flanking force stranded with no support against a mass of advancing Italian armor, and it was quickly savaged, facing almost 3:1 odds.

A tense and exciting affair, it looked for a long while that either force had a good chance for victory. As the dust settled, however, the losses for the British forces were simply too high and they were forced to withdraw, leaving a battered but victorious Italian force to lumber on to safety. All in all a very entertaining game!

The Initial Deployment of the Blocking Force

Close Up of the Rearguard Force

The Rearguard Table

Death of the Australian Rush

The Italian Rearguard Holds

Long Line of Italian Transport

The Vanguard Reaches the Roadblock

Beda Fomm with its Windmill

Italian Support Forces Rumble On

The Vanguard Starts to Bunch Up

Mass of Lights on the Flank

The Support Group Hangs On

th Armored Arrives

Losses Grow on Both Sides

Vanguard Armor Advances

British Lights Assault the Italian Gun Line

Motociclisti Scouting Ahead

More Armor from the Babini Brigade

Italian Light Armor Races Ahead

British Light Tanks Causing Havoc

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