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2012 - Number 21


The Action Heats Up

Dust Warfare:
Opening Clash

Those of you who follow this blog will recall that we have several groups who enjoy the Dust Tactics game and miniatures, but we have always preferred to play it as a tabletop game rather than using the gameboards supplied with the game and expansions.

FFG has just released Dust Warfare, a set of rules expressly designed for fighting tabletop actions using the cool Dust Tactics figures. After a quick playtest we were ready to try a larger multi-player action to test them out.

Recon Grenadiers in Cover

Grenadier Tank Busters

The scenario matched two players per side, each with a 150 point force drawn from the army lists in the Dust Warfare hardback rulebook. The Allies opted to focus on heavy infantry, while the Axis fielded one heavy infantry list and one grenadier list that maxxed out on walkers.

We got through the game quite quickly, despite having 2 brand new players. The rules work well, and really show off the differences in the models. Walkers are quite tough, so picking a balanced force is essential. I think we'll be seeing a lot more Dust Warfare action at the shop.

British Paras Target an Axis Walker

Heavy Ranger Command

Ranger Squad Advancing

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