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2012 - Number 20


The Vital Crossroads

Black Powder:
28mm ACW Action

In preparation for next month's mega-game on the 1862 Battle of Gaines' Mill, the SNS group decided to run through a practise game to get prepped on their knowledge of the Black Powder rules.

Chris set up a simple scenario, a meeting engagement focused on a critical crossroads between the two maneuvering main armies.

Closeup of the Crossroads Meeting House

Union Infantry Hustles Forward

Both sides started with cavalry forces on the table, skirmishing near the strategic crossroads. Each had several brigades of infantry who would enter from their respective baselines, marching to the sound of the guns.

As is normal in a game of Black Powder, both sides suffered from dice difficulties in getting their infantry advances synchronized.

Masses of Union Cavalry

Lyn Urges his Forces Forward

Meanwhile, the cavalry forces fought a hot and heavy action to secure favorable ground for their supporting infantry.

Although the Union generals were able to get their forces up more quickly than the Confederates, stiff resistence from the CSA cavalry was critical in holding them up from pressing their advantage. By the time they finally managed to deal with the cavalry, the Confederate forces were well positioned on the critical terrain and impossible to dislodge.

Union Forces Crossing Cow Run

Cavalry Closing for Action

The overall game was quite eye catching, with lots of nicely painted troops maneuvering across the rolling fields of Virginia. Everyone agreed that it was a great warm up game for next month's big event.

Confederates Hurry Forward

The CSA Infantry Finally Arrive

Union Forces Bunch Up as they Near the Enemy

Confederates Shake Out Into Line

Union Infantry Supports Their Cavalry

While Other Cavalry Screens the Flank

Confederate Guns Moving Up

More Action Around the Meeting House

Imposing Union Forces Arrive

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