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2012 - Number 19


The Finished Model

Warhammer Fantasy:
Vampire Counts

Games Workshop has invested heavily in their plastic molding capability, and they have been releasing some amazing new plastic kits recently. One that caught our eye is a new kit for the Warhammer Fantasy Vampire Counts range.

The kit allows you build either a Coven Throne or a Mortis Engine. Chris assembled this one as a Coven Throne, a powerful palanquin used to bear a group of vampires to battle.

The Coven of Vampires

The Cauldron Containing Blood of Innocents

The throne is borne by the spirits of those slain by the vampires, which are molded magnificently on the model and make quite an interesting painting project as you can see from the photos.

Although the final product feels a bit fragile, it is very evocative and makes a stunning centerpiece for a Vampire Counts force.

The View from the Side / Rear

The Vampires Up to no Good

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