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2012 - Number 15


Aircraft Mixing Things Up

Axis and Allies Miniatures:
Angels 20 Air Combat

The Axis and Allies Miniature games have been quite popular around the shop, so the latest version, Angels 20, was eagerly awaited.

Angels 20 is a collectible Miniatures game of aerial combat during World War Two. It is designed to be fairly simple and fast playing, and uses similar mechanics to the other Axis and Allies miniatures games.

Tom's Nicely Detailed Wildcat

And His Mustang

To start playing you need the Angels 20 starter set, which comes with 3 British and 3 German planes from the Battle of Britain era. It also has the basic and advanced rules, a hex sheet, and cards with statistics for each plane included in the Angels 20 set.

You can then supplement your force with booster packs, each containing a random selection of 3 additional planes.

Axis and Allied Planes Mix It Up

Mustang Ace and His Wingman

The cards contain all of the stas needed to play the game. Players start by rolling for initiative, and then alternate moving each of their planes. The game is designed for a hex mat, and each plane has a normal and fast speed which indicate the number of hexes it may move each turn.

Planes can turn 1 facing for each hex moved, one one facing for every two hexes moved if moving fast. Or they may attempt more difficult maneuvers, such as loops, tight turns and barrel rolls by making a maneuver check on 2d6. Each plane is rated for each difficult maneuver, so some planes will turn better than others.

Italians Lead the Axis Forward

Models are Pre-painted in Varying Color Schemes

Combat is simple - each plane rolls a certain number of d6 depending on the range and target aspect. Rolls of 4+ cause 1 success, with a natural six counting as 2 successes. If you score successes equal to the target's armor it takes 1 hit, and if you score successes equal to its vital armor it goes down in flames.

All in all a fun game, and a worthy addition to the Axis and Allies range.

Allied Aircraft in Formation

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