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2012 - Number 14


Hungarian Infantry Advancing

Flames of War:
NUTS Group Bagration Campaign Battle

The NUTS group continued their late war Firestorm: Bagration campaign, this time with a Total War scenario for players to try out different forces. The Axis were ably represented by Jim Morgan (Panzergrenadiers with Tiger support), Jeremy Tyrrell (Sperrverband) and myself trying out my newly painted Hungarians for the first time.

The Soviet forces were quite imposing, with Bart Wood and Gary Grove fielding armor heavy forces, while Aaron Tyrrell brought his beloved assault engineers. The board featured lots of terrain, and was dominated by a resonably sized town in the center.

Sperrverband backed by Hungarian ATGs

Soviet Heavy Armor Pushes Forward

The Soviets tried out their cool infiltration move to start things off, getting a large force of infantry into the center town. The Axis really had to scramble to avoid losing objectives, with the Sperrverband and the Hungarians moving forward on the left to contest a threatened objective while the Panzergrenadiers on the right stormtroopered up to deny the Soviet recon forces an uncontested hold on another objective.

With both sides committed, the fighting became hot and heavy quickly. The Hungarians managed to hold their objective, but their attempt to push the Soviet engineers off the opposite objective ended in a heavy defeat and a lost platoon. The Soviets then pressed forward, eliminating another platoon but were unable to take the objective.

Tigers Play Big Cat and Lots of Mice

Soviet Infantry Holds the Center Town

In the Center the action was dominated by the town. The large Soviet infantry unit held it strongly, but the Sperrverband and Hungarians were able to prevent a breakout. Soviet armor thrust around both sides of the town, but ran into concentrated AT fire from a Hungarian 80mm AA battery and a Hetzer platoon supporting the Sperrverband.

The high tide came when a unit of KV flame tanks washed down the Hungarian positions, causing heavy casualties. Unfortunately for the Soviets, the dense terrain slowed their follow on armor so that once they followed up with an assault the infantry were ready and managed to hold.

Sperrverband Hold Out in a Corner of the Town

KV Flame Tanks Move Up to Blast Hungarian Positions

The Axis right was a bit less touch and go, with the Tigers making Soviet advances difficult, and the supporting line was never really threatened. It ended as a winning draw for the Soviets, due to a higher platoon loss count for the Axis (the Hungarians featuring prominantly from a lost platoon perspective...)

Quite an entertaining and close game and could easily have gone either way. As importantly, everyone continued to make progress in understanding the new v3 rules better, and got a chance to try out a new/different force.

Panzergrenadier Defences Hold Firm

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