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2012 - Number 13


The Swedish Right Deploys

TYW Battle of Lutzen

Our mega-game for this month featured a return to the 30 Years War, with a huge battle modeled on the action at Lutzen in 1632AD. This was a pivotal battle for the era, seeing the death of Sweden's charismatic king, Gustavus Adolphus.

As in the actual battle, the Swedish and their allied German forces had a significant advantage in command and numbers, having caught Wallenstein's Imperialist army entering winter quarters.

Imperial Center rests its flank on the Flossgraben

The Imperial Right on Windmill Hill

The field of Lutzen featured the edge of Lutzen castle, and was evenly divided by a tree-lined road leading out of the castle / town. The castle was held by Imperial forces, and surrounded by a game park. We allowed the Imperialists to deploy some of their troops hidden in the game park area, after the Protestant forces had finished deploying.

On the Imperial left, the Imperialist commanders tried refusing their flank by pulling back past the Flossgraben stream, while the Swedish placed a strong force on their right. This guaranteed that they would dominate that flank, but allowed the Imperialists to concentrate their forces in the center more densely.

Swedish Horse Advance on Windmill Hill

The Protestants Reach the Tree-Lined Road

The action started quickly as the Swedish pushed forward very aggressively. On their right a mass of troops looked to overwhelm the Croats in the game park around Lutzen castle, while the rest of their line advanced smartly. As usual, the excellent Swedish artillery proved quite annoying for the Imperialists, inflicting a steady stream of disorders and element losses on their center.

The Swedish right quickly secured the bridge over the Flossgraben, and cooperated with the center in putting pressure on the Imperial core. On the Swedish left, a back and forth melee swirled in the game park, but the Croats were overwhelmed and eventually destroyed. They could take some solace in the fact that they had delayed the Swedish forces for several turns.

View of Windmill Hill with Lutzen in the Background

Imperial Pike and Shot Unit Holding the Hill

By this time the opposing centers were locked in combat. Despite several local Imperial successes, the Protestant forces pushed forward relentlessly. With the Croats gone, the Swedish right was able to outflank Windmill Hill, and the Imperial commanders decided it was time for their army to retire.

All in all an excellent game, very closely fought and quite visually appealing. Next up will be a mega-game for the Battle of Breitenfeld later this year!

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