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2012 - Number 12


Soviet Armor Approaches the Stream

Flames of War:
SNS Group East Front Battle

Gary Rhay has created a new Flames of War campaign for the SNS group, which will be set in the aftermath of the failed Kursk offensive of 1943 in the Ukraine.

To get things started, the group did an Eastern Front battle set during this era, the build up excitement for the campaign.

German Defenders Open Fire

Heavy Armor Pushes Forward

Gary, Russ and Lyn took the Soviets, and fielded a literal horde of Soviet armor to test the defensive capabilities of the German players.

Gary Scott and Kevin took the Germans, and deployed a primarily infantry force in defense. They based their deployment on a small village, fields and woods, all behind a stream. The Soviet hordes then pushed forward aggressively on a broad front, leading to desperate fighting to hold the Axis line.

Close Up of the Crossing Defences

A Soviet Commander Makes the Crossing

The game looked quite impressive, and everyone seemed to have a good time. Everyone is getting used to the subtle changes in the new v3 rules, and the game helped with building familiarity.

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