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2012 - Number 10


Feldhernnhalle Armor in Buda

Flames of War:
Budapest 1945 Mega-Game - Battle for Buda

Last time we focused on the mega-game action across the river in Pest, so this time we will focus on the action on the Buda side.

Unlike the primarily flat expanse of Pest, the Buda side of the Danube was hilly and offered more challenging tactical problems for the attackers. The Axis defenders included another group of dismounted SS cavalry, and the panzergrenadiers of the Feldhernnhalle.

Soviet Forces Approach SAS Square

SS Cavalry Dug in West of the Castle in Buda

All was not easy for the Axis commanders, as they were surrounded on 3 sides and had to mount a defense with their backs to the Danube. On top of that, the hilly terrain limited their ability to support any forces on the lower terrain along the river.

As in Pest, the Soviet commanders pushed forward aggressively. On Castle Hill, the SS cavalry found themselves facing a huge mass of Russian infantry, supported by heavy assault guns and lots of artillery.

Mass of Soviet Infantry Approaches the Castle

Axis Defenses Protect SAS Hill in Buda

Meanwhile, the other end of the Axis position was centered on SAS Hill and a nearby square, where Feldhernnhalle forces hugged the ground against a fearful Soviet barrage. The Soviets in this sector pushed aggressively along the Danube, trying to cut off the garrison on the hill from the river, while launching repeated assaults to pin down the forces around the square.

Again, massed artillery and rockets were able to pin and pummel the Axis troops, while the terrain made it hard for their limited armor to counterattack effectively. But they hung on grimly, fighting for every inch of ground.

Soviet Heavy Assault Guns Support the Infantry Advance

Soviet Forces Infiltrate Toward Castle Hill

Worn down and assaulted from all sides, the Axis forces were gradually cleared from SAS hill, although a few remnants fought on near the Danube. Castle hill also fell, witho only the castle itself still holding out against the tide. At this point the game was called, well done on the assault to the Soviet commanders, and kudos to the Axis defenders for a worthy defense.

SS Cavalry Troopers Hunker Down in the Castle Complex

Feldherrnhalle Forces in the Rubble of Buda

The Castle Seen from the West

SAS Hill and Square

Nebelwerfers Shower the Advancing Soviets

The Soviets Reach SAS Square

ISU-152 is Hit Below the Castle

Feldhernnhalle Armor in the Ruins

Soviets Take the Danube Landings

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